Successfully Sailing into the future


The strength of Nagata Group ensures our steady progress into the future.  Our solid foundation and history over the past 70 years will continue to launch the way for leading edge technology for  future business.

The Nagata Group has grown by adopting the policy of separating into different divisions, such as, products and technical developments, tool and die fabrication, production & sales & distribution.

Although each division has its own independent management, it is by abiding with the unity of Nagata Group’s basic ideals which allows them to independently co-operate to create their own characteristics.

This results in a synergic effect increasing our productivity as we aim towards new development.

Nagata India is strategically very important for our group & since inception; NAIL has kept pace with changing technology from time to time & has invested to augment the capacity.  We are committed to for the horizontal & vertical growth of the company to ensure competent advantage to our esteemed customers.

Nagata Shizuoka Group will continue
its pursuit of challenging the world market.